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About Gwalior City Online

The idea of ‘Gwalior City Online’ evolved from the hardship that offline business went through during the COVID19 pandemic times. The frequent lockdowns, business closures, social distancing and other stringent guidelines led to severe business disruption and major economic losses for all the businesses that were operating in an offline environment, as they could not continue their day-to-day business operations and economic activities as it was prior to the pandemic. The businesses lost connect with their customers and customers went online to other possible choices for their immediate needs and its fulfillment. We felt the same agony as it was being felt by many of our counterparts. Everyone struggled to keep afloat till the pandemic subsides and those who could not withstand this time had to shut shop and look for other alternatives. People and businesses could not believe what they went through during this one and a half year or so since pandemic broke out here in India on 31st January 2020. They were clueless and helpless at the same time how they will be able to bring back their failing businesses withstand the wake of time and make a new beginning in the new normal.

To help these ailing businesses to regain the lost ground, Gwalior City Online came into being.

Our Vision is: -

“To help and grow offline businesses through online channels.”

Our Mission is: -

“To help offline businesses to come online and engage with their prospective customers and help them in acquiring fresh business from them.”

Benefits: -

  • Advertisement customization to the Gwalior city needs

  • Advertisement and Lead Generation from Gwalior and surrounding areas

  • Online Marketing of Business through Google & Social Media Platforms such as (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram)

  • Helping Local & Offline Business to go online and get new customers

  • Plan your event online and get the best offers

  • Enquire about marriage garden/banquet availability in Gwalior from your comfort and savings



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